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Pre-cast Pits and Covers

Bates Pipes and Products manufacture Better Pits! Better Pits! are a complete range of pre-cast pits to suit your project needs.

Better Pits! are manufactured to meet customer requirements, relevant standard drawings and supervising authority requirements under a ISO9000 Quality System. They are designed and manufactured to project plans, so that invert and finished levels are correct.

Better Pits! are delivered to site.

Bates Pipes and Products can supply complete Pipe, Box Culvert, Pit and Endwall packages for your projects, thus eliminating multiple suppliers and cutting down time consuming paper work.

Bates Pipes and Products can manufacture all types of pits including drainage, electrical, trade waste, effluent, valve and mechanical pits.

Bates Pipes and products also manufacture an extensive range of covers and grates to complement our Better Pit! range whether it be encased cast iron lids and grates or mild steel grates and concrete lids, Bates Pipes and Products can meet your project requirements.

Any size pits big or small can be manufactured by our Better Pits! team.